British Showjumping Schedule

Westmorland County Show Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

Lane Farm, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7NH

Important Information

! Show Cancellation The British Showjumping show has been cancelled due to ground conditions

Show Secretary

Show Secretary: Mrs Christine Knipe, Tel: 015395 67804, Email:

JudgesLilian Dawson
Jenny Graham
Course BuildersGill Pollard

First Aid Charges

First Aid is provided by an external provider, please use the link in the More Information section to find out what charges there may be for first aid.

More Information

More information about facilities and amenities at this show can be obtained from the Show home page

Thursday 14 September 2017

Class 70 - approx. 12:30 - Arena 1 - Equitop Myoplast Senior Foxhunter First Round/1.20m Open

Rule 310. Table A7. Speed 350mpm. Start Height 1.20m.

First place rosette kindly sponsored by Equitop Myoplast In the event of 30 or more starters the class will be split and two sets of prize money awarded. Horses (or ponies in pony competitions) may compete in one section only.

Foxhunter section:

(a) For registered horses in Grade C that have not won a total of 700 points. Four double clears will qualify - in accordance with rule 310.6

(b) For all registered horses born on or after 1 January 2010, irrespective of points. Horses will be eligible for double clear qualification to attend second rounds providing they reach the age of seven years or under in the same calendar year as the Foxhunter Final - in accordance with rule 310.6 Four double clears will qualify.

Four Double clears will qualify for the Senior Foxhunter Second Rounds. Qualifying period: 1st June-31st May inclusive.

Those horses that have qualified for the Senior Foxhunter Championship in 2017 are not eligible for qualification to the 2018 Championship.

Open section:

For registered horses ridden by Adult, Associate or Junior Members.

If combined with an open:

In the event of 30 or more starters the class will be split with two sets of prize money.

Prizes: 1st: £100.00, 2nd: £70.00, 3rd: £50.00, 4th: £35.00, 5th: £30.00, 6th: £20.00, Total: £305.00

Entry Fee = £15.00 (Pre-Entry £15.00)

Class 71 - approx. 16:15 - Arena 1 - Accumulator with Joker

Rule 274. Table A. Speed 350mpm. Start Height 1.20m. DRAWN ORDER

The order of starting must be drawn.

This competition takes place over six, eight or 10 obstacles which are progressively more difficult. No combination obstacles are allowed. The progressive difficulty is not solely due to the height and spread of the obstacles, but also to the difficulty of the track.

Points are awarded as follows:

One point for obstacle No. 1 cleared, two points for No. 2, three points for No. 3 etc. with total of 21, 36 or 55 points.

No point is awarded for an obstacle knocked down. Faults other than knock-downs are penalised as for Table A and any of these faults, including time faults, are converted into points and deducted from any jumping points scored.

In the event of equality of points for first place, there will be a jump-off against the clock over a shortened course, over obstacles that may be increased in height and/or spread. The obstacles in the jump-off must be jumped in the same order as in the first round and retain their respective points allotted in the first round.

This competition may also take place directly against the clock.

For the last obstacle of the course, an alternative obstacle may be provided, of which one part may be designated the Joker. The Joker must be more difficult than the alternative obstacle and carry double points. If the Joker is knocked down, the points must be deducted from the total.

Pre Entry/Drawn Order. Starting height 1.20m. Maximum height of Joker 1.35m. Speed 375 mpm. This competition will take place directly against the clock. Rule 274.

Prizes: 1st: £200.00, 2nd: £150.00, 3rd: £100.00, 4th: £75.00, 5th: £50.00, 6th: £25.00, Total: £600.00

Entry Fee = £25.00 (Pre-Entry £25.00)

Class 72 - approx. 17:15 - Arena 1 - THE HADWINS MOTOR GROUP GRAND PRIX

Table A9. Speed 375mpm. Start Height 1.35m. DRAWN ORDER

For registered horses in Grades: A, B & C. Ridden by Adult, Associate or Junior Members who will be aged 12 years or over in the current calendar year.

Prizes: 1st: £600.00, 2nd: £400.00, 3rd: £300.00, 4th: £200.00, 5th: £150.00, 6th: £100.00, 7th: £50.00, Total: £1,800.00

Entry Fee = £35.00 (Pre-Entry £35.00)